Bracewell, Colorado


…was originally established around 1882 by the railroad “siding” or “station” on the Colorado and Southern Railroad.   The siding originally was called “Hotchkiss”, mostly likely after the nearby landowner, Arthur Hotchkiss, a County Judge.  The name was later changed to “Bracewell” and was named after Christopher Bracewell.  

Christopher Bracewell and his wife, Mary, came to the US from England around 1885 with their son, Christopher William  “C.W.” Bracewell.  Mary purchased land in the area.  Christopher had additional land holdings and the land patent on adjacent property.  In total, the family owned 440 acres in the area. 

The Bracewell School was established around 1893.  Many children in the neighborhood have fond memories of attending the school.   

The Bracewell Beet Dump saw a great deal of activity during the days when sugar beets were a cash crop in the area.  Many Germans from Russia came to the area to work in the sugar beet industry.  The Beet Dump was operational from about 1913 to 1985.

A local gathering place for farmers and neighbors was the Bracewell Store, run by Dan and Minna Herbst.  Groceries, gas, and soda pop were purchased by many in the neighborhood before the store closed in the 1970s.

Today many of the same families still live in the Bracewell or Greeley area.  You will recognize names such as Etter, Goetzel, Tigges, Herbst, Schraeder, Firestien and many more.

Aerial view of Bracewell, Colorado, circa 1950s.
Photo Courtesy of Vernon Etter.