WPA Privy

View of the privy from the southwest corner.

View of the privy from the southwest corner.


WPA Privy…

As part of an effort to assist farmers by upgrading agricultural facilities during the 1930s, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) offered pre-built privies. These buildings are found on farms and ranches through northeastern Colorado.

The privy originally sat just south of the stucco farmhouse near the center of the farmyard and faced south. In 1999, it was moved to its present location between the two machine sheds.

As with many of the WPA privies, this particular one has a concrete toilet with a wooden seat and ventilation openings at the top of the walls under the roof on the east, north and west sides. There are screened openings in the north and west walls. With only one bathroom in the main farmhouse, and eight people living in the house, the privy served as a needed second bathroom.