Bracewell School Stage Curtain

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the bracewell school…

sat near the northwest corner of the intersection of County Roads 27 and 64.5. When it was torn down in the 1960s, people were allowed to take items such as bricks. Somehow the Firestien family ended up with the stage curtain from the school.

It was used in the pole machine shed to partition off an area around the wood stove and hung there for many years before it was rolled up and stored in the top of the shed.

In 2014, it was taken out of the top of the old shed and hung up in the newer shed.

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Bracewell School

Bracewell School

Activity 1: Take a look at the ads. What do you notice about the phone number that is listed?

Activity 2: How many businesses that are listed on the curtain are still in business today?